Wend Wax-off Chain Cleaner 4oz

Wend Wax-off Chain Cleaner 4oz


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"150 miles of dirt and gravel takes an extreme toll on chain lube, and once I tried Wend Wax?I knew it would be the trick for getting through such a challenging day." -Neil Shirley,?2015 Gravel World Champion

WEND WAX??½²FF is much more than just a chain cleaner.?Wax??½²ff is a penetrating liquid wax additive that cleans. The?cleaner quickly cuts through wax, oil, and dirt leaving your?chain sparkling, while the wax penetrates and lubes. WEND?Wax??½²ff is the perfect way to clean your chain prior to using?Wax??½²n and aids in extending the life of your drive-train.

4 ounce bottle (120 ml)