Wend Factory Waxed Chain

Wend Factory Waxed Chain


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After hours of extremely fun testing, we're excited to introduce WEND Factory Waxed chains, offered for Shimano or SRAM Drivetrains. Taking the best of a freshly waxed chain and making it better, the Factory Waxed Chains are perfect for a big ride, race or everyday training, and can be kept in prime condition with a fresh application or WEND wax after?200-300 miles.

Submerging both Shimano and SRAM chains into a sophisticated paraffin formula to allow for full saturation, WEND Factory Waxed chains result in increased efficiency, longer lasting wax jobs and long-term compatibility with WEND Bike???s current offerings.???

Introduced in 2015, WEND Bike utilizes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants including zinc and?Teflon???to create a chain wax that promotes a quiet, clean and efficient drivetrain. Extending the benefits of a waxed chain to riders without the hassle of traditional waxing methods, WEND Bike can be applied via stick applicator or from a newly introduced bulk tin, resulting in a ride that???s clean, quiet and resistant to the elements within minutes of application.??

For optimal performance, use with WEND Wax-On and Wax-Off.??

Available in:

  • Shimano Dura Ace CN-HG901-11?
  • Shimano?Ultegra XT HG701-11

**Being a hot waxed chain please allow for 10 mins of break in ride time.