Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle
Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle
Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle
Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle
Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle
Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle

Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle

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Extraordinary efficiency, peerless performance and an alluring design. The cutting-edge of the Selle-Italia off-road universe bears the name XLR.

The Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio is specially designed to meet the needs of mountain bike, cross-country and cyclocross riders. It is the outcome of relentless product research, improved even further by the joint contributions of athletes, designers and other sector experts.

The XLR stands out for the specific slant of its nose which slopes forward and makes for greater freedom in the saddle while riding. The shock absorber built into the composite-laminated carbon-fibre rail is a piece of state-of-the-art technology set to start a revolution. It does away with all vibrations coming up from the road surface. For additional comfort, a relief channel reduces the pressure in the perineal area. This saddle sets a new standard in the off-road sector.


Features of Selle Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle


  • FIBRA-TEK: Komfort auf langen Strecken sowie ein beständiger und leichter Sattel aufgrund speziellen Funktionsmikrofaser.
  • CARBO KERAMIC RAIL: Carbon rail with a ceramic coating to protect the seat post clamping area against point stress and scratches (ø 7x9 mm)
  • DOUBLE DENSITY: Double padding with variable density which ensures a comfortable sit in every condition
  • REINFORCED EDGES: Reinforced edges protect the saddle flanks against impacts
  • SHOCK ABSORBER: Absorption system between the shell and the rail that highly reduces road shocks and vibrations.
  • CARBON POWERED: Shell made from 30% Carbon composite and high grade nylon polymer
  • Available in 131mm and 145mm width.


Characteristics of Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Saddle


ERGONOMICS - with a purpose-built structure featuring a downward-facing tip, it has been expertly engineered to ensure a good saddle position regardless of the pedalling stance. This makes it the ultimate choice for mountain biking. It has a 4% reduction in length and width as compared to a traditional saddle and this delivers exceptional ease of movement - something of the utmost importance for off-road adventures.


DURABILITY - the clever combination of top-of-the-line materials makes it highly resistant to knocks, bumps and vibrations due to road impact.


DESIGN Ground-breaking and charismatic: an ebullient streak that displays all the seductive spirit of the sportscar world reworked into a lithe saddle which can handle all off-road challenges.


Fact Sheet

Dimensions: S1 131x266 mm / L1 145x266 mm

Weight: S1 143g / L1 151g

Rails: Carbo Keramic Ø7x9 mm