Look Pedal X-Track EN-Rage

Look Pedal X-Track EN-Rage


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The X-TRACK EN-RAGE is a sturdy pedal to accompany you on your favorite trails. The forged aluminum body is designed to resist the extreme conditions of trail riding. The 545 mm? contact area is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable width that offers security but also a surface contact-to-weight ratio which remains unparalleled on the MTB pedal market.

Spindle material:?Chromoly +

Technology: X-Track

Body Material:?Aluminium

Platform area: 545mm?

Platform width: 63mm

Retention: 6 to 14

Cleats:?Standard cleat included (easy cleat available separately)


Weight pair + cleats: 470g

Stack height + cleats:?16.8 mm ( 10.7 + 6.1 mm )