3T Ionic-0 Team Carbon Seatpost

3T Ionic-0 Team Carbon Seatpost


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The 3T Ionic Team Stealth Seatpost works with the DiffLock clamp that makes the LTD version so popular, but saves on costs by employing simpler carbon-fiber for the shaft and an alloy head. The cost savings is great but the weight penalty is minimal, 20g to be precise.

The clamp is an impressive piece of engineering that works so well, you???ll never notice it. Essentially, the clamp has at its heart two sets of toothed cylinders, the smaller fits into the larger. And then the larger slides into a cylindrical hole in the post, which also sports teeth. You macro-adjust via the larger cylinder and micro-adjust via the smaller. And then, when you???re satisfied with the tilt, you can adjust setback. When you???re satisfied with the position, you slide on the rail clamps and tighten each side to seven newton-meters of torque with a 4mm Allen-head wrench.

Note that the clamp is designed to work with round rails only. There is an accessory clamp, which can be purchased separately for oval rails.

While the clamp is complicated, the shaft is easy. It???s a straight tube made of carbon fiber and finished with a uni-directional layer.

The post comes in a variety of diameters and lengths and with two different setbacks, zero and 25mm.

The 3T Ionic Team Stealth Seatpost doesn???t get seen, though your body will appreciate how it???s always there in the right place.