3T Dorico Team Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico Team Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico Team Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico Team Carbon Seatpost

3T Dorico Team Carbon Seatpost


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DORICO is the classic setback seatpost, engineered for lightweight modern materials. The shock absorbent carbon-fiber shaft is bonded into the alloy head, setting the saddle rail supports 25 mm back of the post???s centerline. Twin alloy yokes are captured by recessed bolts, giving accurate control over saddle angle ??a key factor for long-term rider comfort. Modern materials and fabrication technology transform this traditional seatpost design. Like the Ancient Greek architectural column it gets its name from, DORICO is built to provide elegant, robust support that stands the test of time.

TEAM is intended for top-level competition, and is widely used by professional and amateur racers. TEAM products equal LTD in function, but have minor concessions to price in materials specification and finish. TEAM components are built either in advanced carbon composite materials, or the highest grades of heat-treated aluminium alloy. This gives them great strength and robustness, so they are especially suitable for the rough-and tumble of season-long competition. Bolts may be stainless-steel or titanium. You???ll find the widest choice of fittings and sizes in the TEAM range.

  • Lightweight composite post
  • Classic two-bolt clamp ??Great all-rounder
  • Weight: 215 g (31.6 mm)
  • Material: carbon-fiber shaft
  • AI 7075 head
  • Bolts: titanium