3T Dorico LTD Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico LTD Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico LTD Carbon Seatpost
3T Dorico LTD Carbon Seatpost

3T Dorico LTD Carbon Seatpost


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DORICO is the classic setback seatpost, executed in composites for ultimate light weight. The shaft and the head are a single composite structure, setting the composite saddle rail supports 25mm back of the post???s centerline. Twin alloy yokes are captured by recessed titanium bolts, giving accurate control over saddle angle ??a key factor for long-term rider comfort. Modern materials and fabrication technology transform this traditional seatpost design. Like the Ancient Greek architectural column it gets its name from, DORICO is built to provide elegant, robust support that stands the test of time.

LTD is the full expression of ultimate performance by 3T. Expect no compromise ??this is the best you can get. Top pros and super-demanding amateurs will likely prefer components at this level. Most LTD components are built in the lightest available grades of carbon composite materials. In the search for even lighter weight, structures may employ more highly evolved fabrication methods such as variable-thickness walls. All ancillary parts are also refined to the highest degree. For example, bolts are made of titanium rather than stainless steel. For athletes who ride LTD, only the ultimate performance will do.


  • Single composite structure
  • Classic two-bolt clamp
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Weight: 185g
  • Material: carbon-fiber
  • Bolts: titanium